Cookies Policy

The access to this web site can imply the use of cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information saved and linked to the browser used by every user –in every single device the user may use to browse through internet- for the server to remember some data which may be used later only by the server. Cookies make browsing easier and user friendly, and don’t damage devices at all.

Cookies are automated processes for collecting information about the user preferences while browsing through the web site in order to recognize him/her and customize the user experience, also enabling to solve bugs faster.

Data collected by cookies can contain date and time of the visits to the web site, visited pages, time spent as well as other web sites visited before and after. However, no cookie enables any kind of connection with the user telephone number or any other personal contact media. No cookie can extract data from any hard disk nor steal personal information. The only way personal data belong to a cookie file is by being provided by the user while browsing.

Cookies which enable the identification of a person are considered personal data so they will be ruled under the Privacy Policy also available in this web site and cannot be used without the authorization of the user. This authorization will be documented and communicated before the initial treatment through a positive and affirmative decision.


Own Cookies

Own cookies are those sent to the user computer or device and managed by OLC IT Solutions, S.L.U. for a better working of the web site exclusively. Collected data is used to improve the web site quality and contents as well as the user experience.

These cookies enable the recognition of the user as a recurrent visitor of the web site and the customization of the contents according to his/her preferences.


Social Networks Cookies

OLC IT Solutions, S.L.U. uses social networks plugins which enable to reach them from our web site. For this reason, social networks cookies can be saved in the user browser. Those social networks companies manage their own privacy and cookies policies, becoming respectively responsible for their own cookie files and privacy management. The user needs to refer them to get information about those cookies and the personal data management. Just for your information, these below are some links to the aforementioned social networks cookies information.










Disable, decline and delete Cookies

The user can disable, decline and delete cookies –totally or partially- saved in his/her device through the browser settings. Procedures to disable, decline and delete cookies can be slightly different depending on the browser so the user may need to follow the browser user manual. If the user declines the use of cookies, he/she will be able to keep on browsing through the web site but some functionalities may be limited.